GİRMAKSAN, which aims to change by developing, has taken on a privileged mission in the production of multi-functional products and the development of new products with the investments it has made in order to meet different needs.

Quality Management System

We produce all of our specific products that we sell within the scope of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Management System.

Our Activity Areas

Auto mirror glass washing manufacturing
Manufacture of auto mirror glass grinding
Glass industry special productions
CNC router manufacturing
Paint mixer (dissolver) manufacturing
Spray paint filling machine manufacturing
Process conveyors and skid manufacturing types
overhead conveyor
Manufacturing of hydraulic lifts, scissor lifts and freight elevators
Machine maintenance, press maintenance, revision repair services
After-sales services

Our Mission

Establishing relationships with our customers with the understanding of “Project Partnership” and providing services in line with customer expectations in the most appropriate and highest quality standards.

Our Vision

To be a preferred company at Turkey and abroad.

Our Strategy

Product Quality
Cost control
Correct Use of Resources
Development and Globalization
New Markets
New Customers
New Technologies and Solutions
Continuous Improvement of Skills and Expertise