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Custom Machine Manufacturing

We serve our customers with our product-oriented machine solutions such as manufacturing, testing, control and assembly areas.

Paint Mixers

250, 500, 750 and 1000 lt. Column mixers (disperser) are generally used in the chemical industry. The aim is to obtain the product with the desired properties by mixing various liquid and solid raw materials homogeneously in the mobile boilers. It is possible to mix at the desired point and at the desired speed with the column mixer (disperser). In this way, the product can be obtained in the desired consistency.

  • Up-down screw shaft + nut automatic movement – can be stopped at any point.
  • Boiler Holder Compression Arm System
  • With Mixer Motor Speed Control System
  • Stainless Shaft and Stainless Blade

Depending on the customer’s request, automatic boiler cover system and boiler stripping options are added.

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