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Electrical Spray Paint Filling Machine

Elektrikli Sprey Boya Dolum Makinesi
  • Electrical spray paint filling machine is used to fill the desired colors and tones of paint, primer, varnish, etc. chemicals into the empty gaseous spray.
  • Spray paint filling machine works with 220 volt energy.
  • There is a 220 volt electric energy input socket at the back side of the machine.
  • Compressor is not used in the electrical spray paint filling machine system.
  • Since there is no need for a compressor in the electrical spray paint filling machine, there will be no air compressor costs.
  • Electrical spray paint filling machine works more silently than pneumatic spray paint filling machine.
  • Spray paint filling machine is designed to fill one by one.
  • The machine is compatible with all brand standard empty gaseous spray  (400 Ml.).
  • Before filling of the empty gaseous spray the height adjustment will be done by hand manually.
  • There is 1 filling chamber on the machine.
  • There is 1 teflon on the machine that enters (pushes) into the chamber.
  • The up-down movement of the filling system is made by the electro-driven mechanical system.
  • The upper and lower working limits of the filling system are controlled by sensors.
  • Electrical spray paint filling machine does not operate without closing the front protection cover of the machine.
  • The filling time into the  empty gaseous spray is 4-5 seconds.
  • After the filling process is finished, The back-off time is 4,5 seconds.
  • The machine can fill 4-5 pieces of spray within per minute (The filling process varies according to the user’s speed of filling the paint into the chamber and then placing it in the machine).
  • The machine is painted with 9002 electro static powder oven paint.
  • Girmaksan  reserves the right to change the design of the machine.
  • Unpacked the machine dimensions are 260*380*830 mm.
  • Packaged the machine dimensions are 310*440*890 mm.
  • The machine’s unpackaged weight is 44 kg.
  • The machine’s packaged weight is 54 kg.
SERIAL NUMBER E.00.00.2023
H.S. CODE 8422.30.9170
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