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Pneumatic (Air) Full Automatic Spray Paint Filling Machine

Tam Otomatik Pnömatik (Havalı) Sprey Boya Dolum Makinesi
  • Full automatic spray paint filling machine is used to fill the desired colors and tones of paint, primer, varnish, etc. chemicals into the empty gaseous spray.
  • Spray Paint Filling Machine is designed to fill one by one.
  • The machine is compatible with all brand standard empty gaseous spray (400 ml.).
  • The air pressure required for filling process is 6-8 bar.
  • The air pressure required for the operation of the machine is provided by a 50 lt. air compressor.
  • There is a 0-10 bar panel type manometer showing the system working pressure on the machine.
  • There is a 10 mm pneumatic hose inlet for air inlet at the rear of the machine.
  • Before filling of the empty gaseous spray the height adjustment will be done by hand manually.
  • There is 1 filling chamber on the machine.
  • There is 1 teflon on the machine that enters (pushes) into the chamber.
  • The up-down movement of the pneumatic piston is made by the 5/2 position valve.
  • For the filling process, the front protection cover of the machine is closed and then the lower compression system automatically compresses the empty gaseous spray by pressing the control button of the valve that controls the pneumatic piston. When the control button of the valve is pressed in the Up direction, the lower compression system will automatically open back and the upper pressure piston will be pulled back and the filling process will be completed.
  • The filling time into the  empty gaseous spray is 0-5 seconds..
  • After the filling process is finished, the back-off time is 2-3 seconds.
  • The machine can fill 4-5 pieces of spray within per minute. (The filling process varies according to the user’s speed of filling the paint into the chamber and then placing it in the machine).
  • The machine is painted with 7024 electro static powder oven paint.
  • The machine’s packed weight is 27.5 kg.
H.S. CODE 8422.30.9170
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