Pneumatic Spray Paint Filling Machines

  • Pneumatic spray filling machine can be filled with paint, primer, varnish, etc. to be filled into the gaseous empty box. It is used to fill chemicals.
  • The filling machine is designed to fill one by one.
  • The air required for the operation of the machine can work with the air compressor.
  • Air pressure required for filling 6-8 bar air pressure is sufficient.
  • The filling time for the gaseous empty can is 0-5 seconds. After the filling is finished, the take-off is 0.3 seconds.
  • 3-4 pcs per minute. spray filling can be done (Filling process varies according to the speed of the user to put the paint into the chamber and place it in the machine).
  • The standard machine is packed in cardboard boxes measuring 210x360x800 mm.

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