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Curved Glass Washing Machine

Curved glass washing machine is a special machine used to wash and dry a car mirror glass surface.

It consists of prewash, scrubbing, clean water rinsing, water absorption system by sponge, cold/ hot air drying system, electronic control system and adjustable pressure of water blasting circulation system.

TECHNICAL DETAILS GM-1200-1800R GM-1800-2000R
Working Speed 0,5-3 M/Min. 0,5-3 M/Min.
Max. Glass Width 600 mm 600 mm
Min. Glass Width 210*210 mm 210*210 mm
Glass Thickness Range 2-3 mm 2-3 mm
Brush Piece & Diameter 6 pcs/120 mm 6 pcs/120 mm
Sponge Piece & Diameter 2 pcs/120 mm 2 pcs/120 mm
Total Power 18 kw 18 kw
Machine Size (W) – (L) – (H) 1100*3500*1250 mm 1100*3500*1250 mm
Machine Weight 750 kg 750 kg
Air Heater


Water Filter

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