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Glass & Marble Water Separation Machine

Cam Mermer Tozu Ayrıştırma Makinesi
  • GM-MCTA028 Machine is suitable for use in Glass and Marble Industry.
  • This machine is used as purification machine for glass and marble machines (Cutting, Drilling, Edging, washing, sanding, polishing, water jet and etc.)
  • Glass and marble processing machines perform their operations with the help of water.
  • During these processes, 5 micron dust particles emerge from glass or marble.
  • The GM-MCTA028 Machine is used to separate these particles from the water.
  • These solid particles that emerge during the processes cause malfunctions and deterioration in the working parts of all machinery and equipment working with the help of water in a short time.
  • In addition, these dust particles cause easy clogging of pressurized water pipes and spray nozzles in glass and marble processing machines.
  • The GM-MCTA028 Machine has been specially designed to prevent these blockages.
  • It enables the separation of dust, glass dust and dirt accumulated in the water tanks of horizontal and vertical glass washing machines, which are one of the most important equipment of the glass processing sector, and enables cleaner washing.
  • These waste waters are left directly to the sewers in the glass and marble industry and indirectly flow into our seas and pollute them.
  • In this direction, companies seek precautions and have difficulties from time to time.
  • It is recommended both to save water and to keep nature clean in order to leave a cleaner future and a more livable world for future generations.
  • The GM-MCTA028 Machine allows the waste polluted water to be left to the sewer in a cleaner way.
  • In this way, solid wastes will be prevented from mixing with groundwater and further pollution will be prevented.

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