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Horizontal Glass Washing Machine / Air Drying System

Hava Kurutmalı Yatay Cam Yıkama Makinesi
  • Air dryer horizontal glass washing machine is a special glass washing machine used for washing and drying flat and mirror glass.
  • It has a solid and steel construction structure.
  • It consists of glass loading, pre-washing, scrub- bing, clean water rinsing, cold/hot air drying, and exit conveyor sections.
  • It washes different types of glass such as flat glass, coated glass, LOW-E glass.
  • With its specially designed spray nozzle system, it ensures that the glasses are washed completely clean.
  • The water transferred to the brushes that clean the glass is heated with resistances in the water tanks and passed through the filters.
  • All surfaces in contact with water are made of stainless material.
  • Conveyor speed is adjusted by the driver.
  • The air supplied to the drying section is passed through special filters and the drying process is provided.
  • The glass washing and drying compartment is opened and closed thanks to a special 400 mm elevator system up and down for easy washing, maintenance and cleaning of windows of different thicknesses.

with Air Drying System


with Air Drying System


with Air Drying System

Working Speed 0,5-5 M/Min. 0,5-12 M/Min. 5-12 M/Min.
Max. Glass Width 1600 mm 2000 mm 2500 mm
Min. Glass Width 200*200 mm 400*400 mm 400*400 mm
Glass Thickness Range 3-10 mm 3-19 mm 3-19 mm
Brush Piece & Diameter 8 pcs/80 mm 6 pcs/140 mm 6 pcs/140 mm
Sponge Piece & Diameter 2 pcs/70 mm

Elevator System

400 mm 400 mm
Total Power 18,5 kw 30 kw 35 kw
Machine Size (W) – (L) – (H) 2750*4580*3430 mm 4500*5600*3600 5000*5600*3800
Machine Weight 2200 kg 3600 kg 4200 kg
Air Heater


Water Filter

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